Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cover Girl Smoothers Concealer Could My Make Up Be The Cause Of My Horrible Acne?

Could my make up be the cause of my horrible acne? - cover girl smoothers concealer

and 17, I've had acne since the proactive use of the 8th To determine grades, and I went to high school with a beautiful skin. I used Mac make-up, a little concealer to cover my dark spots from past acne powder, then insert studio / foundations.

A month ago I was more dynamic without my dose of study medication and my need for something and keep me til I had time to go to the Mac counter and a new field Proactive ... genuine party chose powder, which I like because it has a matte finish in Nice, and I planing CoverGirl concealer. I love them both.

It took about a week for me to get active and become like crazy! I was so relieved that if I had used a combination of products and my skin is back to normal!

Now some people say, the MAC-clogging pores, but never had a problem is with a combination of MAC and proactive.

Maybe my skin will only change?


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