Saturday, December 12, 2009

Message Of Thanks In A Wedding Program Interested In A Online Friend To Support In Weightloss!?

Interested in a online Friend to support in weightloss!? - message of thanks in a wedding program

Hello, I have published nearly the same question, but I do not think anyone understood what I was looking for.
I do not want online weight loss (and a member of
I do not want a pill to lose weight (as in Cylaris)

I am looking for someone to my ad MSN Messenger to help me with motivation and support. I'm on my own terrible and the loss of the last 15 pounds before my wedding in June

I am 22 and have 3 children, all well under 4 years. In hard to lose the excess fat and muscle too. I am pleased to lose to 15-20 pounds. Ive already lost about 40 pounds in the last 5 months since I had my child, after losing so much trouble taken in the last 15 pounds!

If you are interested in me and allows me the answer to your MSN Addy or me by e-mail!



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