Friday, December 18, 2009

Diy Wedding Guest Book List Of DIY Materials For Wedding?

List of DIY materials for wedding? - diy wedding guest book

Now, helping people, what I need. I DIY as much as possible for our wedding and I had a couple 50% discount coupons to save the boat and would like the wisest shops "to make available to them.
We DIY no clothes, shoes, DJ, photographer or the welcome dinner. We will do small flowers (bouquets and keys only), but at a flower shop for those compared.
Almost everything else is DIY if I can. . .
This is what we have:
Tulle to wrap preference
Shop for yourself, including response cards, envelopes and tape and tape dressing
To live stamp and ink, paper cutting and the quality of a corner whipped "" save the date

Do you need:
Paper Save-the-date
Ribbon favors
Paper, "thank you" for favors tags

Whatever you think I'm missing?
Engagement announcements are made. BM gifts purchased.

To see your thoughts and advice on what else is need.


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