Sunday, February 14, 2010

Desert Eagle Pistol In Indiana The Baby" Desert Eagle Pistol (MR9400RB) Is Good?

The Baby" Desert Eagle pistol (MR9400RB) is good? - desert eagle pistol in indiana

OK, I want a different weapon, I think, is buying on the "Baby Desert Eagle pistol (MR9400RB), but the thing online, I've seen, and I tried all the stores of weapons and never find me well here's my questions:

This weapon is good?

Does the company have a good reputation?

Is it good to take up arms for their defense?

What is it? Have (I a Beretta 84FS Cheetah Nickel, compares the size or bigger?)

Here are the links to "Baby Desert Eagle pistol (MR9400RB)

And here's the link to the arms that have: &IDC = 2 & id = 23

PS I would like this weapon because it is up to the end of it can be adjusted, and have not seen another company do.

I want to finish the Titanium "Gold"!

Please help me here! let me know your experience with this weapon.

also, like the back of him?

Thank you!


Dino4747 said...

I have a "Baby Eagle". It is a very good weapon. They talked about the lack of titanium-gold finish ... not only in the regular Desert Eagle? The size is very similar to the Beretta, Beretta are usually longer and less high (driving), but the weight is near. I have a Jericho by Israeli weapon size 40 My summer carry gun (ankle holster) is a pony stallion in, 380 In summer there are problems with the obfuscation. Sometimes I carry my Colt Combat Commander, 45 in a game of the back cover. Some, like 9mm, but tend to penetrate and can hurt an innocent person by Stander. My favorite is the class, 40 of which I have several. The retreat is about the same thing with all calibers, such as ... Reduction depends on the size and weight of theFirearm.

bambi said...

It's made a weapon very well. The big downside for me is the grip size. You need to have great hands to catch it, because it is very large.

I've never gotten a gold titanium finish on a firearm. I prefer stainless steel or titanium regular

I shot the Desert Eagle of normal size and has a fairly strong recoil.There are things you can do to reduce the embargo. Iam sure that the baby has a greater regression to the length of the snout and the size of the hole.

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