Thursday, February 18, 2010

Swedish Pimple What Is The Best Bait Or Lure To Use While Jigging?, Swedish Pimple Works Great For Tip Ups?

What is the best bait or lure to use while jigging?, swedish pimple works great for tip ups? - swedish pimple

How to use a template, while jitter.


MelzMom said...

curly tails

Aaron P said...

I want a pumpkin / black or green-blue model with a series of pig Uncle Josh # 11 to match the color of the model.

chonanba... said...

Haole I like, but only as a decoy roles.

Daiwa Speed Jig is a cheap, friendly staff that I had much luck with it.

If you want to flag, the blue rockfish in support Sprat Hook and leave no more than 1 meter above the ground attached. Wait a success.

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