Thursday, February 11, 2010

How Cold Does It Have To Be Engine Block Cracked We Just Moved To Montreal Quebec. Can Anyone Give Us A Few Pointers On Winterizing Our Vehicle.?

We just moved to Montreal Quebec. Can anyone give us a few pointers on winterizing our vehicle.? - how cold does it have to be engine block cracked

This -30 degree weather is terrible, I wonder how these people are still cars here! My car is a 1996 Eagle Talon. I will not break the engine block. How cold should be for oil to freeze? How about a 80/90 gear oil and gas? What about brake fluid? And a few tips for the conservation of seals, etc. Help! Ice can damage to your rocker?


Thunder said...

Be sure that you have your cooling system is extracted, and the battery and charging system.
Use a 60/40 mixture of antifreeze and water, and it should go, you can also use the oil in a small part of what will be a little easier in the cold months.
Antifreeze pipeline gas can be bought at a gas station, and added that any time the tank.
Bring your vehicle to a gas station and ask for the winter, and could solve most of their problems.
And if 30 is not so difficult to drive a vehicle in good condition.

wheeler said...

Make sure the coolant is a mixture suitable for temperatures ensure that your battery is good and healthy and have actually installed a block heater when you check in. an account and then plug it
They can be obtained using one 5W30 fully synthetic oil for the winter months, because it flows better in cold weather. If the car is otherwise in good tune that will have no problem.

Fred C said...

Going to a dealer in AA, a tire shop in Canada, a quick overview, a Midas, tire retailers large stores offer a comprehensive service and have a special winter demand. Make sure that the antifreeze, the strength of the test battery, alternator and starter. If your plugs are old and they asked to make a small adjustment-up. If your vehicle has a block heater, has a place in.

bruce said...

put in a radiator heating and put it in the night

spliceit said...

Welcome to Canada!

Take your car to a dealer and in the winter. Its oil is obtained in the thickness, but not frozen at -30 ° C. Keep the car warm up for 5 minutes. You can also see your owner's manual for what it says on the cold start. For gas, gasoline in Canada to chemicals that meet our climate will be. I'd be more concerned with the lock de-icer.

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