Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Veet Causes Swelling Veet Caused A Burn Around My Vaginal Area - What Should I Do?

Veet caused a burn around my vaginal area - what should I do? - veet causes swelling

In Google, I found these and other answers, and I wonder what people think.
I know you all that I am an idiot, but I Veet around my vaginal area for 3 years without problems, but this time just Veet on my vagina because it is evil towel after use in the legs. My question is, does anyone have experience with this situation (Nair or Veet in the vagina) - or there are health professionals who could answer my question? It was nice last night but this morning my vagina was swollen and irritated. I Vagisil with limited success, but it still burns when I urinate. I also read a recommendation to have no sex for 3 weeks) should ouch (- this is true, or if good for a few days to be? Thanks for the help in this shamefulQuestion.


Matthew said...

Hey, my ex-girlfriend had the same problem when I was with her,
I said it was a burning sensation around your vaginal area, and learned when he was Horney, however, has proved that he had used the Veet on your vagina instead of shaving

In any case, find answers and it turns out that its from the acidity of the vagina Veet sensitive ouching .. just cause

They should be better in a few days ..

Oh, and the question of sex .. these people, unless the period that is necessary to ensure that 100% better, but we expect about 4 days I have to believe it was, and she was fine, no pain:)

I hope that helped!

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