Sunday, January 17, 2010

16 Silverado Rims I Need Help With What Kind Of Price To Quote For Chevy 16" 6 Lug Stock Aluminum Rims...?

I need help with what kind of price to quote for Chevy 16" 6 lug stock aluminum rims...? - 16 silverado rims

I was responsible for the property of the husband of my deceased mother. These tires are brand new, never used, 1400, since 2002 Silverado 16 "Aluminum 6 luglio has, and I heard myself say, the guy (yes, my daughter help here) from one extreme to another. I'm only an average price reasonable. Period fair for all four. Any suggestions? A girl. They are sold in my small town. Thanks


ujustbyo... said...

You can always look on eBay and see what others are selling, but when I am thirty, I'm still tired, share $ 50 C / U they have wheels EA $ 100 by state

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