Friday, January 29, 2010

Dog Peeing On Bed Picture Why Is My Dog Peeing On My Bed?

Why is my dog peeing on my bed? - dog peeing on bed picture

My Year Beagle years has recently started to pee on the bed. It's a dog inside / outside is to use a dog door, should not we ask to leave. I sat on the bed and goes into my blanket. What can I do to stop this? Thank you for your help. Ü

PS It always seems to be in the same cover ... You need a new and perhaps not?


sniffydo... said...

Beagles are dogs. Its smell is strongest in his bed and he wants as part of your package. This is something that goes with it. He added that his smell, his. The beds are not good places for dogs. They are considered Hochalphasorten rank. I want the blanket exemption from the ban on him from his room. If not neutered, is now a good time.

Gianna M said...

Why are you shitting your dog? Most dogs defecate or urinate in the bed, which has hurt the feelings of the majority.

Chetco said...

Well, it is interesting to try to get the reporting .. different, but the dogs pee in the bed of the owner or a sofa or favorite chair when you are stressed. piss are, where they know the smell of the teacher focuses on his behalf and is an indication of stress.
There is something fearful or has changed his routine .. Even a bad dream, you can disable this option so that they can imagine the anxiety ..
Scolding does not help, because it increases the uncertainty.
Took this opportunity to add new tricks and fun, like shaking hands, kissing, (point at which to learn), and other fun tasks to increase their sense of security, as he knows, you are welcome, and probably solve the problem ..

scatteam... said...

A signal that urinating in blankets UR are not respected enough in mind to do so. If you are the principal owners, are the RSS feeds, bathes, walks with him?

georgie said...

I had this problem with my dog, now 5 months.she waspeeing within 6 beds in my house when we wash all doors shut.yes stages of reporting, because even if you smell. is holding the door of the room spacious let your bedooms.if catch in the act quickly out of his mouth and use his voice him.he chance accusations really.good lazy.

judy.gid... said...

To obtain coverage, new bathroom and re-train him. depart every 30 minutes or less, and praise him when he goes. Please do not rub your nose, which is barbaric and does not work. Good luck and good luck! I know it can be frustrating.

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