Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Antech Cases I Have An Antech Nine Hundred Comp. Case And What Kind Of Software Do I Use To Slow The Fans Down ?

I have an Antech Nine hundred comp. case and what kind of software do i use to slow the fans down ? - antech cases

I have tried many fans in the Antec 900 computer case and I need software or a way to the fan speed to lower power consumption too slow I use Speedfan shows only 1 fan and I 4

Thank you, please help ^ ^


Crysis said...

hmm .. Have you built this urself? If you need to know!
Fans, Molex, CHA_FAN, aux_fan or something attached? Fan speed controls only the CPU fan.

molex on the purchase and control systems in connection with their fans.

ljason8e... said...

Fans do not use electricity in all ... and you also want the fans running at full speed to cool your computer.

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