Friday, January 15, 2010

Johnson Spoon I Need Any Info Regarding A Rubber Frog Shaped Fishing Lure I Believe Was Made By Johnson Beetle Spin?

I need any info regarding a rubber frog shaped fishing lure i believe was made by Johnson Beetle spin? - johnson spoon

I am looking for any information on a rubber frog fishing lure which I believe they made by Johnson Beetle Spin. It has a green back and white underside, two "tail", and came with a brilliant spinner / spoon. I have pictures available.


tcatmech... said...

If Johnson is the home of fish ... and go to section ... They have created a man who lures a list, a gallery and information about Johnson and obsolete equipment. You can also try .... They are an excellent source for finding and evaluating lures and outdated equipment ... I use them to "decode" some rarities that I find myself.

Clayton B said...

It is an ideal bait for use any time

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