Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Japanese In Girdles Is The Japanese Term, "hansoku Make", The Thing That Means An Automatic Win In Judo, Also Used In Karate?

Is the Japanese term, "hansoku make", the thing that means an automatic win in judo, also used in karate? - japanese in girdles

"Hansoku to do" when the officers in a judo competition practictioners (judo) lures in competition with such a serious injury to justify an automatic forfeiture of the commission of the offense and the opponent gets a Ippon "Automatic" --- a point in Japanese. An ippon "mean in Judo, winning the game of Judo.


John said...

No, this is a specific term, and words such as Judo futekkaku, fogoukaku, futekikaku shikkaku and prohibition means in Japanese.

Shihan J said...

hansoku use is a disqualification.
I posted links to the rules of your other question. or you can search and AAU Tournament Rules WUKO. what are the 2 main

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