Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Colors Do Cubefield Change To What Colors Look Good On Braces And Do They Hurt?

What colors look good on braces and do they hurt? - what colors do cubefield change to

OK I'm Getting braces on 1 February, I think. So I want to know


Town Drunk said...

treat all colors
You have time to see all colors
Which will affect about a week or two
You will not be able to eat his body for a while
Things like the same thing yesterday

La Bamba said...

They hurt for a few days if you arrive and then a few days after each adjustment, but otherwise not really. And for the blue color makes lips look fresh and clean. Do not get white light, either because they are easy to spot:) they have, but fun and try a different color each setting

aupuni80... said...

Yes, braces damage. And not the color, you look like an idiot.

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