Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lanyard Headphones What Are The Headphones Called Where One Wire Is Longer Than The Other So That They Can Go Round Your Neck?

What are the headphones called where one wire is longer than the other so that they can go round your neck? - lanyard headphones

I find nothing in the ear with a wire longer than the others, so that they can go on the back of the neck.

Does anyone know what they call a helmet?

Those who are not in the ear with a bit of fun in the last rubber, but those who simply sit on the ear

Besides, what can I UK site?

Does anyone .......... It made me search on Google and find websites with another company for hours trying to the most appropriate

I know you mentioned Arn't headphone cable, I do not want the cable / chain around his neck, a single cable

We thank you, if you can help



Anonymous said...

Zune headphones are called
These suckers are magnets at the ends of them to stay together
easy walk with
I do it all the time with them around the neck with headphones Zune
costs about $ 25 at Best Buy or Future Shop would have to Wallmart

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