Sunday, January 3, 2010

Honeywell Hepa Air Cleaners I Bought Hepa Air Filters. After A Couple Of Weeks They Started Smelling Like Wet Dogs - Why?

I bought hepa air filters. After a couple of weeks they started smelling like wet dogs - why? - honeywell hepa air cleaners

HEPA purchase of 4 weeks and it has worked well. Approximately 2 weeks have started to smell the house like a wet dog ever - a very strong smell. This happens only during the day.

I have tried to Honeywell (the manufacturer of air filters) and responds have no contact. I sent an e-mail until 2 weeks.

I really want to know is how to fix it. The filter itself is clean and odorless. It seems that the fan or the "engine" that what's behind.


Anonymous said...

1. Remove the filter elements at the exit and outside the machine.
2. Verify that the odor comes from the filter elements themselves, then it could get wet and cause mold and bacteria grow.
3. Verify that the odor came from the engine - if so, then the engine overheated. Check the fan blade is to rotate freely. Check the voltage is correct for the device. and the most important check of all - that it does not block the airflow to both the entry and exit.

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