Friday, January 22, 2010

Cd Protector What Can You Do With Those Clear Plastic Cd Protectors That Come With The Blank Cds?

What can you do with those clear plastic cd protectors that come with the blank cds? - cd protector

Are the same size and shape of a CD with boring, transparent plastic. I guess they are just to protect the blank CD when you in them. As much use these disks?


sarahliz... said...

The color can be painted with receivers that Sun window or cut and make jewelry out of them.

Or you could go with the basics, frisbees, coasters, etc.

piinkpop... said...

Gifts for Christmas, birthdays, etc.
You can buy a DVD or CD (which is actually the music in it)
After buying modpodge and decorate the blank CD with your fave. Candy wrappers, etc.
And boom! its pretty (:
Then there is the person and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and Merry Christmas!

deb.peg1 said...

They can be used as small picture frames.

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