Sunday, January 24, 2010

Examples Of Which Brand Of Paper Towels Are Most Absorbent Suggestions On A Science Project?

Suggestions on a Science Project? - examples of which brand of paper towels are most absorbent

Hello. So I this science project in school and I need ideas. I am 12 years old and in 6th Class. (If you think I'm young to be here, so your problem will not by me), we have to a jury trial. As an example, which would include the brand of paper towel / is the most water, or something. Please help by within two weeks, and I have to do another project, too!

Thanks in advance!


Madeline T said...

For just a project for the science that is marked and there is no brand of popcorn (microwave and air, both Popper), counted the Unpopped kernels explode and discovery percent and its comparison with all brands.
You can test the battery lasts longer, or perhaps another chewing gum lose its taste and see that faster (be sure to train, use))
Good luck!

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